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Luxury Corporate Gifts

OOH’s luxury corporate gifts may help you create a unique brand identity. Elegant choices express deep appreciation for customers and business partners, embodying brand excellence, and leaving a lasting impression.

corporate gift items

Discover The World of Sustainable Choices

Sustainable solutions for every need. OOH’s range of eco-conscious products showcases our dedication to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Products

Custom Acrylic Box

Customize with OOH’s acrylic boxes. Versatile, modern, and perfect for displaying your brand’s uniqueness.

Luxury Wooden Gifts Box

Give superior gifts by using OOH’s elegant wooden boxes. A touch of luxury and the essence of cherished moments.

Wooden Gift Box | OOH Advertising

Luxury Gifts Box

Give superior gifts by using OOH’s elegant wooden boxes. A touch of luxury and the essence of cherished moments.

Custom Trophies

OOH’s custom trophies are crafted to perfection, a tangible symbol of your achievements, designed with precision and pride.

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Custom Metal Badge

Wear your identity proudly with OOH’s custom metal badges. Precision craftsmanship meets individuality, representing your brand.

Custom Flags

Custom flags by OOH: Create custom country flags and outdoor promotions with OOH. Tailored designs, quality materials, flag your brand

Custom Plush Toy

OOH brings your creativity to life with custom plush toys. Adorable, unique, and perfect for making cherished memories.

Custom Plush Toy

Ramdan Gift Box

A thoughtful and traditional way of expressing your best wishes and sharing blessings with friends and family during the holy month of Ramadan is to give them a Ramadan gift box.

3D Printing

Discover the possibilities of OOH’s 3D printing. Transforming concepts into reality with precision, speed, and boundless creativity.

Digital Printing

Print excellence with OOH’s digital printing. Colorful, high-resolution, and tailored for your visual needs.

Offset Printing

Experience the classic touch of OOH’s offset printing. Precise, sharp, and a hallmark of timeless quality for your print materials.


Digital Screen Print

Dynamic, impactful, and a modern touch to engage your audience. Amplify your visuals with high-resolution brilliance, perfect for branding and communication.

Exhibition Stand

Stand tall at events with OOH’s exhibition solutions. Our stands are not just structures; they are the canvas for your brand story.

Exhibition Stand in UAE | OOH Exhibition Stand


Experience the impact of OOH’s signage solutions. From storefronts to events, our designs grab attention and represent your brand with excellence.

3D Signage | OOH Advertisng

Roll Up Stand Banner

OOH’s portable solution for your brand visibility at events. Convenience, versatility, and a professional way to showcase your brand.

Roll Up Stand OOH | Roll up Stand in Dubai

Wash Light On Building

Transforming structures into beacons of brilliance, capturing attention day and night. Experience the art of light with OOH’s wash light on buildings.

Wash Light On Building Dubai

Packaging Box

We create boxes that resonate with your customers. Our custom packaging boxes are more than containers; they tell your brand’s story with every detail.


Embroidery that tells your story. OOH’s craftsmanship adds a touch of elegance to your brand.

Embroidery OOH

Custom Leather Carft

A touch of luxury for your brand. From accessories to apparel, OOH’s leather craft embodies quality and individuality. 

Leather Carft

Electronics & Technology

Experience innovative branding with OOH’s tech solutions. Personalized wireless chargers, power banks, and USB flash drives, making your brand tech-savvy and memorable.

Technology OOH

Fitness & Wellness

Personalized yoga mats, soothing scented candles, and precision activity trackers, all designed for your well-being.

Fitness & Wellness

Travel Products

Your journeys, our style. OOH’s travel sets feature personalized luggage tags, branded travel accessories, and a touch of exclusivity for the modern traveler.

Travel Set in UAE | Dubai

Personal Accessories

Your style, your brand. OOH’s personal accessories add a unique touch. Custom keychains, branded wallets, card holders, and more for an elevated look.

Personal Accessories In Dubai | UAE

Drinkware & Foodware

Elevate your brand during coffee breaks and mealtime with OOH’s custom drinkware & foodware. Personalized mugs, branded lunch boxes, and delicious promotions.

Drinkware & Foodware