Custom Awards and Trophies

Looking for premium custom awards and trophies in Dubai?
 OOH Advertising provides premium alternatives to celebrate successes. For the greatest prizes that make a lasting impression, get in touch with us.

3D Crystal Awards

3D Crystal Awards OOH Dubai | Custom Trophy in Dubai

3D-printed trophy & Awards. Impress recipients with one-of-a-kind, finely crafted awards that highlight uniqueness and high honors.

Achievers Award

Celebrate excellence with our prestigious achievers’ awards. customized to represent successes and encourage ongoing achievement.

Acrylic Trophy

Acrylic Trophy | Custom Trophy in Dubai

Experience the streamlined, modern look of these acrylic awards. Expertly presented by OOH Advertising, these awards combine transparency with class

Appreciation Award

Show appreciation with our thoughtfully designed awards. Give rewards that express gratitude in order to recognize efforts and dedication.

Awards By Event

OOH Advertising offers a wide range of prizes designed for specific occasions. Get the perfect appreciation for any event, from commercial successes to sporting achievements.

Black Metal Trophy

Explore our collection of premium black metal awards. These awards radiate class and power, serving as a testament to extraordinary achievements.

Bass Trophy & Award

Find out about our outstanding bass awards and trophies. These precisely crafted trophies capture the spirit of achievement and commitment.

Badge Trophy

Badge Trophy

Discover the distinctive qualities of badge trophies. These innovative trophies are ideal for honoring exceptional accomplishments with a touch of creativity.

Conference Award

With our customized trophies, your conferences will be boosted. Our conference awards are intended to recognize excellence and professionalism.

Corporate Award & Trophy

Celebrate corporate excellence with our sophisticated awards and trophies. Crafted to represent professionalism and success in the corporate world.

Cricket Trophy

Custom Trophy In Dubai

With OOH Advertising’s magnificent cricket trophies, celebrate achievements in the sport. Trophies from OOH Advertising highlight victories and capture the spirit of the game.

Football Trophy

Football Trophy in Dubai

Discover our stunning football trophies, which perfectly depict the excitement of the game. Celebrate victories with trophies that reflect the essence of football.

Dance Trophy & Awards

Dance Trophy & Awards in Dubai

Our handcrafted dancing trophies and prizes are perfect for showcasing dance prowess. These awards are ideal for dancing achievements since they represent grace and talent.

Farewell Award

Give meaningful farewell awards as a final farewell. Our awards are made to show gratitude and leave a positive impression.

Farewell Award 2023 Dubai

LED Award

With our LED awards, you can experience innovation. These unique awards blend innovation and technology to produce a really cherished achievement.


Employee Award

Benefit from our professionally designed employee awards to recognize exceptional employees.

These trophies honor dedication and contributions to the workplace.

Employee Award | Custom Trophy | OOH Advertising

Film & Movie Awards

With our unique prizes, you can elevate your movies and theater events. Our prizes, which are made to represent the spirit of the film, are a representation of great accomplishments.

Film & Movie Awards OOH Advertising

Team Work Awards

Recognize the power of teamwork with our teamwork awards. These trophies celebrate collaboration and achievements made possible through unity.

Team Work Awards